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Management Accounts help you gain a full understanding of your business, without the jargon.
What are Management Accounts?
Management Accounts provide you with a tailor-made or standard financial report 
on your businesses' financial performance - quarterly or monthly.
Although management accounts are not a mandatory requirement, they can help you gain a greater insight into your businesses' performance, providing a more in-depth analysis compared to Statutory Accounts alone. 
What's the difference?
Statutory Accounts 
✓ Consider the business as a whole 
✓ Consider how efficient your business is, reporting on profitability 
✓ Require exact figures and actual records
✓ Meet requirements set by Companies House 
✓ Focus on looking back at the business' achievements 
Management Accounts 
✓ Can focus on specifics of the business e.g. the earnings from one product 
✓ Focus on finding issues, understanding them and creating solutions for growth
✓ Can work with estimates, approximation or actual figures 
✓ Focused on operations within the business, rather than purely financial 
✓ Not restricted by Companies House requirements 
✓ Focused on looking forward, planning for the future!
Is this right for me?
Start-up businesses
Growing a business
SME/LTD companies 
Mature businesses 
X Sole traders & individuals 
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