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Pension &

Auto Enrolment 

Full-service Pension &Auto Enrolment Service helping you plan, implement and maintain an effective pension for you and your employees.
Our Pension Providers
We work with some of the UK's most popular pension providers, helping you save for the future. The right pension scheme depends on your objectives and depending on your objectives, there was a variety of pension providers out there who will vary in cost, set up cost and longevity. As your accountant, we can help you select the scheme which is right for your business and your pension-saving objectives. We take care of everything, leaving you more time to run your business!
Eligibility checker
All businesses in the UK are now required by law to operate an auto-enrolment pension scheme, helping qualifying Directors and employees save for retirement. To be eligible you must:
✓ Be below state pension age 
✓ Be at least 22 years of age
✓ Earn more then £10,000 a year 
✓ Work in the UK 
Any employee meeting the same criteria is also eligible, where you and your employee both contribute to a pension. 
Minimum & Maximum Contributions
From April 2019, the minimum contribution for a workplace pension is 8%, which is built up as 3% from the employer and 5% from the employee. The minimum contributions are based on employees’ qualifying earnings. For the 2020/2021 tax year, this range is between £6,240 and £50,000 a year (£520 and £4,167 a month, or £120 and £962 a week).
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